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Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Posted on March 3, 2021

Sensorineural hearing loss causes over 90% of adult hearing loss. It's due to issues of your inner ear, also called nerve-related hearing loss. What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss? Inside your inner ears, you have tiny hair cells. They’re responsible for detecting sound. Your hearing nerve then goes on to..

Hard of Hearing: Definition, Causes, and Treatment Options

Posted on January 19, 2021

The term hard of hearing or HoH refers to someone who is unable to hear well. When you’re hard of hearing, life can be difficult. You don’t look as though you have a disability. Therefore, it can often be difficult for people you meet to understand that you're not the same as them. In this article, we look at..

Tinnitus: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Posted on November 23, 2020

Continuous noise in your head, such as your ears ringing, doesn't typically mean there's a serious health issue, but it can definitely be annoying and could be an indication of tinnitus. What Is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is where you have ringing or noise in your ears. It's a common problem that impacts around 15% to..

Dementia, Memory Loss, and Hearing Loss 

Posted on October 13, 2020

Various studies confirm what many doctors and audiologists have suspected for a long time — there's an undeniable association between dementia and hearing loss or hearing loss and cognitive decline. And, initial issues, like inability to concentrate and memory loss, can become worse over time. When left..

How to Pick a Hearing Aid

Posted on September 10, 2020

Selecting a hearing aid is crucial to your long-term health, as the right device helps you communicate with others. With so many styles and manufactures to choose from, the process of picking the right aid can be daunting.

Fruit Flies Make Great Hearing Loss Test Subjects

Posted on August 26, 2020

Hearing loss affects millions of people around the world, and the World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, more than 900 million will suffer from the condition. Even with these large numbers, much is still unknown about age-related hearing loss. Experts are hoping fruit flies are the key to unlocking the..

COVID 19 and Hearing Loss – Small Studies, Big Implications

Posted on August 13, 2020

Since the global pandemic was declared on January 30, 2020, scientists have been learning more about the unusual and unexpected symptoms associated with COVID-19. One of the most perplexing is the virus’ effect on hearing.

How to Get Water Out of the Ear

Posted on July 30, 2020

Summer is for splashing around in water, whether it’s a pool, river, lake or ocean. While it may feel great to take a refreshing dive, you can harm your ears if water becomes trapped in them. Follow our tips below to help drain water out of the ears and prevent risk of infection.

Stay Safe This July Fourth

Posted on July 1, 2020

States and counties regulate fireworks in order to keep people and their properties safe. But even fireworks that are purchased and used legally can be dangerous – especially to your hearing. Learn more about the risks of fireworks and how to stay safe this Fourth of July.

What to Say to Your Loved One with Hearing Loss

Posted on June 26, 2020

Nobody wants to hear from a loved one that they have hearing loss, even if deep down inside they already know they do. It can be frustrating when someone you care about doesn’t seek help for a problem, and it’s especially frustrating when that problem causes a strain on your relationship. Below are some common..